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Growth without the challenge of compliance

Nomad’s Home does the heavy lifting for all your compliance and labor challenges when embracing the digital nomad and work from anywhere movement. 

Why us?

Why Nomads Home?

100% Compliant

Remain in full compliance with local labor laws and employment regulations.

100% Proactive

Stay ahead of legal developments with advice and counsel from our lawyers and payroll professionals.

100% Expertise

Speak with an expert when you need to. Remove the uncertainty around employment and labor issues by speaking with a pro.

100% Support

Get flawless relocation support with our team of immigration lawyers. They understand the best visas and options your mobile talent.

Let us handle the legal and compliance hurdles


Nomad’s Home is the legal employer of your talent. That means we own, manage and operate our own local legal entities and companies. We use those to employ your talent on your behalf. 


This gives you agility and speed when growing your business and hiring talent without increasing your HR and legal expenditure.

European Union 🇪🇺 

Fines of up to €20 million or 4% of global revenue for data and privacy breaches

Spain 🇪🇸 

Penalties for non-compliance with collective bargaining agreements

Use real employment contracts that are written by real lawyers. Say goodbye to internet templates and say hello to genuine, legal-binding agreements that protect your rights

What you see is what you go. We want to build genuine, lasting relationships with our partners and the best way to do that is with flat, transparent fees and pricing. Say goodbye to bill shocks and hidden extra, and say hello to a true partner. 

There’s a world of Nomads looking for a home - seize the talent today!

Real lawyers, real payroll pros working for you

Our team of employment and tax lawyers combine with our payroll professionals to keep your business compliant. They work together to monitor compliance and legal changes that may impact the way your business operates. This proactive approach removes the surprises of compliance and keeps your company nimble.