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Frequently Asked Questions about EOR

The total cost will be the gross salary + 31,4%social security contributions (caped to 1.299,77€ per month) + 400€ fee for our services.
We can do salary simulations upon request. The net is the gross salary, minus 6.35% social security assumed by employee, minus the withholding income taxses.
The agreement can be terminated by a Party, no less than three (3) months prior to the expiration of the then annual period of the Term.
Companies can work with the best talent, without regard to borders or time zones. Local residents can make contributions to the public national system and have access to government benefits and pensions. Employees can benefit from the beckham law special tax regime (24% flat rate and other exemptions) when being transferred, which is beneficial for salaries higher than 55.000 euros per year.
No, social security cost is reglardles of the beckham special tax regimen. Social Security is the same cost for everyone as it is not a tax, but for healthcare services, goverment allowances and pensions.
31,4% of the gross salary, caped to 1.299,77€ per month. Note that this can be revised yearly by the authorities.
It is an addition. Social Security and Tax Agency are 2 differents goverment authorities.
Nomad’s Home is our Company Brand, the fee is the fee for our services.
Our general lenght of terms agreeement is one year but we can adapt as needs (minimun period of 3 months)
We can deal with open-ended agreement but the dismissal guarantee must consider the costs based on the last day of the current year.
It’s an out of the scope services as well as Immigration visa
Unfortunately we do not offer discounts due to special payment conditions or circumstances.
Once we know the gross salary agreed we can provide the figures for the non-payment guarantee, which consist of a 2 month invoice deposit provided in case of lack of payment from the client, as we have to continue paying salaries, taxes and social security for the employees. It will be reimsurshed if not used.
No, we should receive and agreed salary base in legal currency of the country (euros).
We do not request any kind of form, resignation letter or transfer letter from the previous foreign employer. However we understand that he/she will have a contractual agreement regarding his labor mobility with your Company. We would need to formalise an employment contract where the Spanish law will be applicable from the starting date in Spain onwards. The labor conditions can be adapted as long as it is possible within our law.
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Creating a local entity and forming a company is an expensive process. It’s demanding one your time, balance sheet and people resources. Your HR and Legal teams do their best work when they are solving complex problems with creative solutions – not boring bureaucracy. 

Our local entities meet the leading compliance standards locally and internationally so your distributed employees and remote teams can work with confidence and security